Trade Missions & International Trips

Since 2011 De la Rey Consulting has organized more than 130 international trade missions. 

We are ready to provide our client with excellent services during their business visits, including the following ones: 

- Preparing the business program of the visit;

- Arranging B2B matchmaking with potential buyers and partners; 

- Organizing the Retail Tour (malls, stores, wholesalers, retailers); 

- Organizing On-Site Visits to related companies, sectoral organizations, business associations; 

- Arranging B2G meetings with related governmental institutions; 

- Providing technical support of the visit (interpreter servces, transportation, photo and video, coffee break, etc.). 

Also we can provide the delegation members with such additional services as: 

- Advertising campaign in local media; 

- Preparing analytical market research; 

- Consulting on entering the target market;

- Holding workshops on doing business with local partners; 

- Other services.

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