De La Rey executives took part in a ministry-level Russia-Azerbaijan forum

De La Rey Consulting Ltd. general director Yury Shurygin and deputy director Evgenia Shchipkova participated in Russia-Azerbaijan Industrial Cooperation Forum held in Baku on April 04, 2019. The Forum speaker list included such high-rank officials as Russian Minister of Industry and Economy D. Manturov, Azertbaijan’s Minister of Economy S. Mustafayev, Board Chairman of Azerbaijan-Russia Business Council S. Gurbanov, AZPROMO Acting President Y. Abdullayev and others.

Since Azerbaijan remains one of the top target markets among De La Rey’s project destinations, our company carries out numerous projects on fostering the business ties between entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan and other countries. Foreign companies have great opportunities for cooperation with Azerbaijan partners in such spheres as oil and gas industry, chemical industry, agricultural machinery and IT.

At the moment, Russia is the major supplier of goods to Azerbaijan’s market and the top importer of Azerbaijan’s non-oil products. In 2018 the bilateral trade turnover of our countries increased almost by 20% compared to the last year. Such an impressive bilateral trade growth was caused by the continuing diversification of supplied goods.