De La Rey at Eurasian Week in Armenia

From 22 to 24 October, 2018 De La Rey Consulting Ltd. participated in the major international EAEU forum “Eurasian Week” in Yerevan, Armenia. This forum was organized by the Eurasian Economic Commission with the support of the EAEU member countries’ governments. More than 2,500 people from 25 countries visited forum’s events, including round tables, expert discussions, exhibitions and procurement sessions.

The forum’s program started with the plenary meeting themed “The Real Sector of the EAEU Economy: Enhancing the Potential in the Course of Integration”. Among the plenary meeting speakers there were the first deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, Minister of Finance A. Siluanov, Prime-Minister of Armenia N. Pashinyan, Co-Chairman of the EEC Board T. Sarkisyan. The event was focused on effective cooperation between the business and the state for sustainable economic growth, expanding business contacts between EAEU enterprises, involving non-EAEU trade partners to fruitful cooperation.

De La Rey general director Yuri Shurygin became a moderator of the expert session named “Small and Medium-Sized Exporters as Drivers of the EAEU Development”. The discussion was centered on improving the export support policy. During the session the representatives of Russian regional export support centers shared their best practices and new approaches used in their activity.