About Us

Established in 2011 De la Rey Consulting Ltd. is a dedicated friendly team of Moscow-based professionals specializing in marketing business solutions for Russia and other CIS member countries. 

De la Rey Consulting`s services include the essentials: market data analysis & market research, B2B partner (Russian importers, potential dealers & distributors) search, translation & localization services for newcomers in the Russian and CIS markets. 

We started off as an international-market research task force for a group of Russian manufacturers, analyzing international market data and developing strategies for tapping markets outside Russia. 

To give our consultancy a practical edge, we added translation and IT services to our list, and not before long found ourselves working in reverse direction and consulting clients from Europe, Asia and Americas. 

Our marketing services today include market research, finding potential local partners in Russia and CIS, arranging B2B meetings and interviews with potential future local distributors, dealers and representatives, B2B information analysis, and development of promotional and PR-strategies. 

We also provide top-level translation services: translate and localize for a wide scope of customers ranging from law firms and banks to large industrial manufacturers: Lol`s, MoU`s, contracts, corporate documents, statements, product descriptions, user manuals and presentations, booklets and brochures, website content etc. Our working languages are English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and many others , including all local CIS languages. 

De la Rey`s keyword and motto is commitment to quality. Whether a long-term partnership or a short expediency, we always do our best and find the best solution for you and your business. As a committed reliable partner - we are set to make things work you! 

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Yuri Shurygin, General Director